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Find so much inspo for 2022 nail looks

French Manicure: For a softer take on nail art 2022, look to French manicures. French manicures have been making a comeback in recent years. But instead of a chalky white, paint the tips of your fingers with the colors of the rainbow. Bold Designs: Enough with the sadness of COVID-19! Looking at bold nail style is one of the best ways to boost your energy and mood. To prevent that you might do too much with your manicure, looking for a top-rated nail salon which has an experienced team. Bold nail designs are amazing, but you don’t want them to be so extra, right?! Geometric Designs: What makes geometric lines great as a design element is they can be as complicated or as simple as you’d like! Geometric nail art continues to be a popular nail style with everything from patterns on just the tips to a ‘feature’ ring finger alongside neutral shades. Think linear designs in bold colours against softer, muted or pastel shades. Stars: Starry nail art shows a very American spirit! Make an appoi

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Always Use The Right Basecoat And Topcoat While starting and ending with base and topcoat tacks extra time onto a manicure, they are important steps that should not be skipped. Applying base and topcoat is critical to preventing chipping or cracking for a lasting manicure. By using a grippy, strong basecoat, you will significantly extend the life and look of your manicure. Basecoat is what allows the coats to adhere to your nails and topcoat is what seals it all in. For best results and preservation of your manicure, I recommend reapplying your topcoat every two to three days. You will want to opt for a formula that boasts chip-resistance, protection, and strengthening, and bonus points if there is a hydrating component, too. You can go to some top-rated nail salons and ask the experienced nail technicians about which brands of their base coat and top coat. Paradise Nail Spa near me Fort Myers  -  Nail salon 33913   : Come meet our professional nail artists if you want your nails to lo