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Which Nail Service is right for you?

Basic Manicure First, your nail technician will apply a cream or lotion to your hands, concentrating on the cuticles. You will then soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes, to allow the creams to work and soften your hands. Your hands will then be dried, followed by shaping your nails to your preferred length and shape. You will then receive a lovely relaxing hand massage. A basic manicure will include the application of nail polish of your choice. A base coat will be applied first, followed by at least two coats of polish. Gel Manicure If you would like your nail polish to last longer, chip-free, you should consider a gel polish or a shellac polish. The polish is set using a UV light. The polish is applied to your own natural nails and can last up to three weeks. But keep in mind, removing gel polish needs to be done by a nail technician to avoid damaging your nails. Paradise Nail Spa near me Fort Myers  -  Nail salon 33913   : Our nail care services are great for when you wan